Sauna Accessories and Add-Ons (lighting, sound systems, etc.)

If you want to take your sauna experience to the next level, adding lighting and sound systems can enhance your relaxation and pleasure.

The addition of sauna accessories such as lighting and sound systems can enhance the sauna experience. When selecting equipment, including temperature and humidity controls, seating, and comfort accessories, consider quality, safety, and usability. Choose the proper equipment to elevate your level of relaxation.

Curious as to how lighting and sound systems can improve your sauna experience? Continue reading to learn more.

sauna accessories and add-ons

What essential accessories are required for a sauna?

When it comes to creating a relaxing and enjoyable sauna experience, a number of essential accessories can enhance the atmosphere. Here are some important considerations:

These are required for adding water to the sauna rocks in order to generate steam. For safety, the bucket must be made of wood, and the ladle must have a long handle.

Thermometer and Hygrometer: A thermometer is required for monitoring the sauna’s temperature, while a hygrometer measures the relative humidity. These tools facilitate the maintenance of a secure and comfortable environment.

Sauna Stones: When heated by the sauna stove, these stones radiate a dry heat throughout the space.

The bench should be constructed of wood and can be either freestanding or wall-mounted. It must be durable and comfortable.

Soft lighting can help create a relaxing environment within the sauna. Consider installing dimmers to control the lighting.

Towels: You will need towels for both sitting and wiping away perspiration. Consider purchasing cotton or linen towels designed specifically for use in the sauna.

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Is lighting important in a sauna?

Lighting is essential to the design of any sauna. Despite the fact that many individuals prefer a dimly lit sauna for relaxation, adequate lighting is essential for safety and comfort.

Leading sauna equipment manufacturer Finnleo recommends indirect, low-level lighting to avoid harsh glare and uncomfortable heat from light fixtures. Indirect lighting contributes to the sauna’s calming atmosphere, making it a more inviting space.

In addition to creating a pleasant environment, lighting plays an essential role in ensuring safety. A well-lit sauna makes it easier to see the controls, benches, and other features, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. Finnleo recommends installing dimmer switches so that users can adjust the lighting to their preferences.

Additionally, lighting can significantly affect the mental and emotional state of sauna users. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, colored light can improve mood and behavior. Specifically, blue light has been found to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This study suggests that the color of sauna lighting can have a significant impact on the user’s experience, although additional research is required.

Lighting is an indispensable component of any sauna experience. Proper lighting can enhance mood and reduce stress. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the type and intensity of lighting in a sauna.

What are the options for sauna lighting?

There are numerous options for sauna lighting. While some people prefer the simplicity of a single light source, others may opt for lighting systems with dimmer switches, colored lights, or even LED lighting.

According to Saunatimes, a website devoted to sauna culture and education, there are a variety of sauna lighting options. This consists of conventional wall-mounted fixtures, pendant lights, and recessed lighting. Personal preference, as well as the size and layout of the sauna, will determine the type of lighting employed.

LED lighting is a common choice for sauna illumination. LED lighting offers a brighter and more energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. Numerous LED lights are dimmable, making it simple to achieve a comfortable level of illumination. In addition, some LED lights have the ability to change color, allowing for a more personalized lighting experience.

The use of fiber optic lighting is an additional option. In saunas with high temperatures, fiber optic lighting emits a soft, low-level light that is safe to use. A dimmer switch allows for simple adjustment.

All in all, there are numerous lighting options for saunas, and the choice will depend on personal preference and the size and design of the sauna.

What type of sound is typically heard in a sauna?

The type of sound commonly heard in a sauna is subject to individual preference and the desired atmosphere to be created. While some individuals prefer absolute silence, others may choose to incorporate relaxing sounds or music to enhance their experience and promote relaxation.

Ambient music is a widely popular option for sauna music and is renowned for its soothing qualities. Typically, it comprises soft instrumentals or nature sounds like rain, waves, or bird songs that can create a peaceful ambiance in the sauna.

Classical music is another common option known for its calming and tranquilizing effects, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking to unwind and relax in the sauna. Nature sounds such as ocean waves, bird songs, or forest sounds are also frequently utilized in saunas. These sounds can help to create a natural and peaceful atmosphere, assisting users in relaxation and alleviating any stress or anxiety.

Additional popular options for sauna music include soft jazz, New Age music, and meditation music. While soft jazz and New Age music create a serene environment, meditation music is designed to facilitate users in achieving a meditative state.

Ultimately, the choice of sound in a sauna is a matter of personal preference, and the chosen music or sounds should be carefully selected to contribute to a relaxed and calming environment.

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Is it necessary to use specialized speakers for a sauna?

When it comes to optimizing the audio experience in a sauna, dedicated speakers may be advantageous, but are not needed. Utilizing standard speakers in a sauna may result in damage or a decreased lifespan due to the high temperatures and levels of humidity present in this environment.

Alternatively, specialized speakers are intended to survive the extreme conditions of a sauna, making them more durable and long-lasting.

Typically, sauna-specific speakers are constructed from materials that are resistant to high temperatures and humidity. Frequently, they are covered with water- and heat-resistant compounds to safeguard the internal components of the speaker.

In addition, several specialist speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing customers to play music from their devices without bringing them into the sauna.

If you are interested in obtaining customized speakers for your sauna, there are a range of internet vendors that sell alternatives of superior quality. Saunacore, for instance, is a respected company that has an extensive selection of sauna-specific audio goods, such as waterproof and heat-resistant speakers.

Other popular options are Sound Sauna and SaunaCloud, which offer specific audio equipment for sauna use. To ensure best performance and longevity, it is necessary to get sauna-specific materials from a trustworthy source.


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