Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean a Hot Tub?

Rubbing alcohol also known as isopropyl is a very effective cleaning agent. The chemical formula of rubbing alcohol can be mixed with water and can be used to clean dozens of surfaces ranging from vinyl finishing to walls and floors.

Rubbing alcohol is so effective in removing stains that it’s not unusual to sometimes wonder if rubbing alcohol can be used to clean your hot tub.

Yes, rubbing alcohol is just one of the few household cleaning items that you can use to clean a hot tub. The chemical compound cleans, removes, and even sanitizes acrylic material, which your hot tub is most likely made from.

But what is the best way to use rubbing alcohol in a hot tub? And what are the benefits you stand to gain from doing so? Let’s take a closer look.

Is It Safe to Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Hot Tub?

The chemical formula of rubbing alcohol makes it safe for the hot tub. The chemical compound can remove tough stains that have dried overtime on the shell of the hot tub.

Rubbing alcohol can also be used on hot tubs because of its ability to get rid of germs and bacteria. But these are just some of the many benefits you get from cleaning your hot tub with rubbing alcohol. Let’s check out others.

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Benefits of Using Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Your Hot Tub

There are many reasons for you to clean your hot tub with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Here are some of them.

Gives the Hot Tub Shell a Glossy Appearance

Rubbing alcohol has mostly been used because of the look it gives a surface after. This is why many people use rubbing alcohol as a polish.

One of the many benefits of using rubbing alcohol to clean a hot tub is that it gives the hot tub shell a glossy appearance.

Vinyl, acrylic, chrome surfaces, and the likes, rubbing alcohol can polish them all. The shell of your hot tub will not only be clean, but it would also shine and have a very glossy appearance. Rubbing alcohol is what you use on your hot tub when you want to increase the spa’s resale value.

It Disinfects

Rubbing alcohol can also be used as a disinfectant. The chemical formula of rubbing alcohol makes it capable of killing germs on the hot tub’s shell. You can’t rule germs out of your hot tub.

Even you add germs to the hot tub from your skin cells, fingerprints, food, and drink residue, and the likes. These germs can be killed with rubbing alcohol. So, if you don’t clean with rubbing alcohol, you can just wipe the surface of the shell with it once in a while.

It Cleans

Rubbing alcohol also cleans the hot tub. Hot tubs are usually filled with grime, slime, scum, and all sorts of stains. Some of these stains require an active cleaning agent or a chemical to be used to clean them because they have dried over time.

These stains do not stand a chance with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is even used by painters to remove paint stains so if you have a spec of paint on your hot tub, rubbing alcohol can get it off.

It’s such an effective cleaning agent. You can even scrub a surface with a soft sponge after applying rubbing alcohol to get rid of tough stains.

It Kills Bacteria

Rubbing alcohol can be used to kill bacteria. If you are new to hot tubs, you might not know that there are usually many bacteria in your hot tub. Bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments and that’s what your hot tub is.

Rubbing alcohol can be used to kill these bacteria in the hot tub. As an expert tip though, you should know that rubbing alcohol is not a very effective method to stop bacteria growth.

Rubbing alcohol is good for killing bacteria but it’s not effective in stopping its growth. This means you should never use rubbing alcohol as a substitute for your hot tub sanitizers.

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What Part of Your Hot Tub Can Be Cleaned With Rubbing Alcohol?

You can clean every part of your hot tub with rubbing alcohol. It all depends on when you are cleaning. If you are cleaning after you have drained the hot tub, then you can go ahead to wipe every part of your hot tub with rubbing alcohol. The shell of the hot tub especially will benefit from a wipe or two of rubbing alcohol.

However, if you are cleaning without draining the hot tub, then you shouldn’t allow the rubbing alcohol to get into the water. Without draining the hot tub, you should only clean the top of the hot tub or the top of the shell, the exterior of the hot tub, and the headrests. The pillows or headrests in your hot tub will benefit a lot from rubbing alcohol. Hot tub headrests and pillows are very prone to mildew or mold attack.

The pillows are usually moist and the moist nature combined with skin cells, oils, and hair products can cause a nasty build of mold on your hot tub pillows. Rubbing alcohol can help to prevent this. Wipe the pillows once in a while with rubbing alcohol and you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew on the headrests.

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What Is the Best Way to Clean a Hot Tub With Rubbing Alcohol?

The best way to use rubbing alcohol in your hot tub is to mix it with equal parts of water and then pour a bit of it in a spray bottle. As safe as rubbing alcohol is, it should still be used with caution. Never douse a cloth with rubbing alcohol or pour rubbing alcohol directly into a hot tub.

The right way is to mix equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water in a bucket or bowl. Then pour a bit of the mixed solution into a spray bottle and use that to clean the hot tub.

Rubbing alcohol should not be added to a hot tub cleaner, detergent, or any other chemical. This is because the chemicals in the cleaner or product can react harshly with the rubbing alcohol and cause problems. A bad mixture of chemicals can cause breathing difficulties, stinging in the eyes, headaches, skin irritation, and the likes.

Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol and Chlorine Together?

Rubbing alcohol should never be added to chlorine or chlorinated hot tub water. Rubbing alcohol and chlorine are bitter enemies. Never add rubbing alcohol inside the water and never use it after adding chlorine to your hot tub.

You don't want to mix chlorine and rubbing alcohol.

This is because rubbing alcohol when added to chlorine also known as bleach produces chloroform. Chloroform is a deadly chemical that releases toxic, offensive, and harmful fumes into the air. So, whatever you do, never mix chlorine and rubbing alcohol.

Most of us use chlorine sanitizers in the hot tub. I know I do. But if you just drained and cleaned your hot tub with rubbing alcohol, ensure to properly rinse as much as possible. Rinse the hot tub thoroughly before you refill the hot tub and add chlorine sanitizer to the water. This ensures that all of the rubbing alcohol in the water has been rinsed off.

Also, if you want to use rubbing alcohol without draining your hot tub, ensure the rubbing alcohol doesn’t drip into the water. Just spray a bit on a cloth and use that to wipe the pillows and whatever you want to clean.

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Final Words

Overall, rubbing alcohol is a great cleaning agent that can be used in hot tubs. It can clean and get rid of long stains. It also disinfects so you don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria on the shell of your hot tub. Just ensure you use the rubbing alcohol correctly.

So there you have it. If you liked this post, ensure to check out others on this website for more hot tub tips. Have a nice day.

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