How to Reset Hot Tub Control Panel?

Having a faulty control panel can be a huge letdown. If your hot tub panel isn’t doing what it is meant to do or it is displaying error codes, flashing lights, or worrying signals, then you need to reset the control panel.

Sometimes, it could be as simple as pressing the reset button on your hot tub or restarting the hot tub and all is back to normal. Other times, it could be a more serious problem that could warrant the help of a professional.

So how do you reset the control panel on the hot tub? How do you reset your hot tub heater? And how do you know if you need to reset the control panel on your hot tub?

You see there is a lot more to discover about resetting your hot tub control panel. This post will expose you to all you need to know about resetting the control panel on your hot tub, so stick around to discover more.

How Do I Know if the Control Panel on My Hot Tub is Faulty?

The hot tub control panel controls virtually all functions of the hot tub. Think of it as the remote control of your hot tub.

Sometimes, the control panel suffers a glitch and it starts to give you worrying signals. Your hot tub’ control panel would need resetting:

If the Hot Tub is Displaying Error Codes

This happens when there is something wrong with a part of the hot tub and sometimes, it might be a fault with the control panel itself.

If the control panel starts to display error codes, the first thing to do is to sort out the problem that the error code is indicating.

If you find out there isn’t any problem where the error indicates there is a problem or you have fixed the problem the control panel continues to display the error code, then that means you need to reset the control panel to clear the error code.

If the Hot Tub Control Panel Has Crashed

It is possible that your hot tub panel has crashed and that is why it is displaying error codes. A crashed hot tub control panel means the panel has experienced some sort of software error or crash.

This indicates that you need to reboot the control panel, repair it, or even replace it depending on how serious the problem is.

If you experience any of the issues or signs above, the first thing to do is to reset the control panel of your hot tub. Due to the diverse hot tub models and designs out there, there are different ways to reset a hot tub control panel.

The most common method is to switch the hot tub off for about 20 seconds and then turn it on again. This would work on any hot tub model.

You can also hold down two different buttons or press a sequence of buttons on the control panel, and you can also press the reset button on your hot tub if it has one. Any of these methods should clear the error code.

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What if the Error Code on My Hot Tub Control Panel Isn’t Erased?

If the error codes still pop up after you reset the control panel, then the control panel has an inner problem. It could be a faulty wiring, a water problem, a corroded connection, or some other issue with the control panel. To be sure, you will need to turn off the tub and check the control panel to see what the problem is.

Hot tubs have two types of control panels; the handheld control panel and the in-built control panel. The handheld panel is usually connected to the hot tub with a cable and the in-built control panel is usually placed on the top of the hot tub or the side of the hot tub.

Your hot tub will have one of the two. Both types of control panels are always sealed with a waterproof seal to ensure water doesn’t get in. After all, the panel is used on a hot tub.

If you have the handheld control panel, check the panel and both ends of the cable that connects it to the hot tub. If you have an in-built control panel, you should check inside the service bay for the cable that connects the panel to the tub.

You might also need to open the control panel to check if it is wet, has a faulty wire, or if is damaged. As a precautionary measure, if you find out the control panel has a faulty wire or a corroded socket, it would be best to contact an electrician except you are experienced with hot tubs’ electrical set up.

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How to Reset a Hot Tub Heater?

If your hot tub heater starts to malfunction, chances are you need to reset the heater. If the heater in your hot tub gets hotter than the set water temperature or you notice the water in the tub is cold, then the heater is faulty.

If you have to reset the heater then you need to know the type of heater you have first. After you find the type, you can easily learn how to reset a hot tub heater in our post.

For the former (if the heater is hotter than the set water temperature) you need to trigger the “high-limit reset” button located on the heater or near the heater. The high-limit switch is a red regulatory button on the heater that helps to reset your heater whenever it gets too hot.

If the water in the hot tub is cold, chances are the heater is burnt out or damaged. To check this, ensure that every other part of the hot tub is working fine especially the water filter.

If every other part is functioning well and water is getting to the heater, but the water is still cold, the fault might be a burnt-out or corroded heating element that needs to be repaired or replaced. You should contact your hot tub dealer or a professional hot tub electrician for that.

As a safety precaution, ensure the heater is switched off before you try to reset the heater so you wouldn’t put yourself at risk of a burn or shock.

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Is There a Reset Button on a Hot Tub?

Many hot tubs have a reset button. The reset button helps to reset the heater. The button is called “the high-limit” reset button and it is usually a red button located on the heater or near the heating mechanism.

If you want to reset the heater, press the button and then check if the hot tub is functioning properly. You might also need to turn on the tub again to observe its operation.

If you have pressed the button and turned on your hot tub again and the problem persists, then you will need to contact the user manual or contact your hot tub dealer to put you through what to do next.

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know if you have any other questions about hot tubs by leaving them below in the comment section. Have a good day.

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