How Often Should You Change Your Hot Tub Filter? (Explained!)

The filters in your hot tub catch all the dirt and debris that was supposed to go into the water. So, after a while, you have to clean or change them. So, how often should you change your hot tub filters?

You should replace the hot tub filters at least once a year. You should rinse them with water at least once a month, and rinse them into chemicals at least once in three months. 

But, the number depends on several things. If you maintain the hot tub water with the right chemicals then you don’t have to clean it so much. There’s more to know about cleaning hot tub filters, check it out.

How Long Should a Hot Tub Filter Last?

A hot tub filter should last at least 1 year. But, most of the hot tub filters last 2-5 years. The life span of the filters depends on your hot tub maintenance.

If you don’t use the hot tub as much, then it should last longer. Using the hot tub once in 6 months won’t do any harm to the hot tub filter. You should clean before every use tho. But, if you use the hot tub at least 3 times a week, then the hot tub filter won’t last more than 1 year.

You should also use the right chemicals for your water so it can be as clean as possible. If the water is clean then the filters can’t get damaged. Using the right chemicals and keeping the hot tub clean will make the hot tub filters last at least 2 years.

If you drain and re-fill the hot tub often, and clean the hot tub filters at least once every month then they can last more than 2 years. Keeping the water clean, and keeping the filters clean is something every hot tub owner should do.

The lifespan of hot tub filters also depends on the brand you buy. Different brands have different qualities.

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How Do I Know If Hot Tub Filter Needs Changing?

If you notice that the water flow isn’t as good as it was before. And, you notice there’s more dirt than usual then that’s the right time to replace your hot tub filter.

All of your spa water goes through the hot tub filters. If the filters aren’t working as they are supposed to then the whole hot tub won’t work. Except for the water flow and color, here are some other things that can happen with a bad hot tub filter:

  • The water takes a significant amount of time to fill up the hot tub compared to when you purchased and installed it for the very first time.
  • The color of the water is very greyish or muddy making the whole bathing experience highly uncomfortable.
  • The scent of the water is unbearable. Seems as if you are bathing in a public swimming pool.
  • Upon inspection, the water filter appears to be broken or cracked from various sides.
  • Regular maintenance, including soaking and washing from a garden hose, fails to clean the surface of the filter.
  • The water filter requires regular maintenance at very frequent intervals.

It is highly recommended to keep a spare hot tub filter to prevent any last-minute breakdowns. Although it is readily available in the market, who would want to skip precious time just to grab hold of it at the last moment.

How Often Should I Renew My Hot Tub Filter?

Whenever you use the hot tub daily or once a day you should replace hot tub filter cartridges every 12-24 months. 

As mentioned above, hot tub filters can last up to 5 years old. But, do you really want a 5-year old filter in your hot tub? Hot tub filters are literally polyester paper. The polyester paper is folded into pockets and with the power of the pump, the filter circulates and catches all the dirt and debris.

But, at the end of the day, the hot tub filters are literally paper. And, as you know, if you put too much water into a paper it will start to wear out. The same thing happens with filters. That’s why it’s recommended to buy new filters at least once a year or two.

How to Make Your Hot Tub Filter Last Longer?

The more carefully you use and maintain your hot tub, the hot tub filter would likely last a long time. If you use your hot tub at regular intervals, you must carry out regular and periodical maintenance consistently. This includes:

  • Washing the filter with a garden hose
  • Attaching a micro-pipe to a garden hose for deep cleaning of the filter
  • Soaking the filter in a chemical solution to get rid of debris stuck inside the filter

People that live in hot areas and don’t use the hot tub as much don’t have to regularly clean them. On the counter-part, it is suggested that you carry out maintenance of your hot tub in the following manner:

1. Clean Hot Tub Filters Once a Week With Water

It is recommended to extract your hot tub filter at least once a week and wash it with a garden hose to get rid of the debris that is present on its surface.

To clean it more thoroughly, you can attach a micro-pipe to the garden hose to get rid of debris that cannot be seen on the surface.

2. Soak Hot Tub Filters Into Chemicals Once in 3 Months

When you perform a deep-cleaning exercise on your hot every once in three months, take your hot tub filter and soak it into a filter cleaning chemical solution for at least 24 hours. After that, take your hose and clean the hot tub filter with some clean water. Let the filter dry out on its own before reinstalling it inside the hot tub.

On a side note, while you’re using your water hose to clean the filter, make sure that the water pressure is optimal and not very fast. Otherwise, you may end up damaging it.

Also, while choosing a chemical solution for soaking your filter, make sure to do some basic research. You have to make sure that the solution is environmental and filter-friendly. The chemical solution shouldn’t erode the filter sheets inside the filter.

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What Will Happen if I Don’t Clean or Change My Hot Tub Filter?

If you don’t clean or replace hot tub filters when you are supposed to then you risk getting your hot tub damaged and eventually voiding your hot tub warranty. 

If the water stream includes plants, small stones, or sand, there are chances that the surface area of your hot tub may get corroded. This will not only lead to an unpleasant bathing experience but also reduce the lifespan of your hot tub.

Some manufacturers explicitly mention in their warranty terms and conditions not to use the hot tub without a filter. Failure to use it without one may void the warranty assigned to it.

When you spin the jets to mix the unfiltered water that is inside the hot tub, there is a chance that the spinners may get damaged. Besides, you also run the risk of choking your sewerage pipes.

Also, the hot tub chemicals you use won’t have any effect on the water. If spa water has dirt and debris then chlorine or bromine can’t get rid of it. You will end up using tons of chemicals and still swimming with dirt.

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Can You Clean Your Hot Tub Filters With Vinegar or Bleach?

No, you should not clean your hot tub filter with anything other than a filter cleaning solution. While your household bleach is an oxidizer that helps in getting rid of debris that can be physically clean, it is not considered to be safe for cleaning hot tub filters.

The prime reason is that it is highly reactive in nature which may cut down the filter sheets contained inside a filter. This would not only reduce the effectiveness of the filter but also poses a threat to the hygiene requirements of the user.

In the case of vinegar, you can use it to clean your hot tub filter, however, it has to be administered very carefully.

To clean it with vinegar, you should mix the vinegar with water in such a manner that their proportions are equal. Once you are done with it, soak your filter inside the solution for at least 2 hours.

After the time prescribed has lapsed, take it out and wash it thoroughly with clean water and let it dry on its own before using it in a hot tub.

However, if you follow our recommendation, we would highly suggest you always make use of a filter cleaning solution that is designed and manufactured exclusively for hot tub filters making them our go-to option.

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Does the Article Cover Everything About Hot Tub Filters?

I hope that this article answers most of the questions regarding hot tub filters. All the way from their purpose, maintenance, and usage to their replacement cycle, among others.

Whichever filter or cleaning product you decide to use, just ensure that it has a reputable standing and after-sales customer service. After all, nobody wants to do experiments on their precious hot tubs or their body.

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