Do Hot Tubs Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are attracted to hot water. And that’s exactly what hot tub offers. A lot of people asked me– do hot tubs attract mosquitoes? I did some research and a few tests and here’s the answer:

Hot tubs do attract mosquitoes. Especially when you don’t have a lot of chlorine in your water. Mosquitoes hate chlorine smell. Warm temperatures and your warm body temperature also attract mosquitoes. But, there’s a solution to all this. 

There are a lot of methods that you can use to easily get rid of mosquitoes. Down below we shared the methods we used that were effective.

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to the Hot Tub?

There are a lot of reasons why mosquitoes are attracted to your hot tub. If you know the main reason then you just can eliminate that (if possible), and that will keep the mosquitoes away.

Your Body Temperature

There isn’t anything you can do about this. But, mosquitoes are attracted to a warm body temperature. And that’s the main reason why you get into hot tubs.

Hot Tub Lights/LED’s

Mosquitoes are attracted to lights. If you have a hot tub that comes with lights or LED’s then you should turn them off.  If you leave hot tub lights ON for a long time, they get hot. And that attracts mosquitoes even more.  Turn the LEDs and lights off when you are not using the hot tub. If possible, turn them off while using the hot tub too.

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Warm Hot Tub Water

The warm water attracts mosquitoes a lot. But, there’s a fix for this. Mosquitoes are attracted to a water temperature less than 90°. If you lower the temperature to 50° then you will most likely get bitten. But, if you use a 100° temperature then that’s too hot to handle(no pun intended) for a mosquito. But, don’t raise the temperature too high just to get rid of mosquitoes, it could do more harm than good to you.

Your Hat Color

I know, it’s weird. Most people don’t wear anything while in the hot tub. But, if you wear a hat then the color can attract mosquitoes. You should avoid wearing a hat with dark or bold colors. Mosquitoes are attracted to red, black, navy blue colors.

There’s an easy fix for this– just don’t wear a hat.

Your Smell

You probably knew this, but mosquitoes are attracted to your smell. If you are wearing a perfume that has a strong scent, or a deodorant then that can attract mosquitoes. That’s why we recommend taking a shower before using the hot tub. Personal care products can also cause hot tub foam.

Except for “good” smells, mosquitoes are attracted to “bad” smells too. Smelly feet, socks, or your body smell will draw the mosquitoes’ attention and they will start to look for you.

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Hot Tub?

Here are a few methods that will help you to get rid of mosquitoes in your hot tub.

No one likes mosquitoes. If you just bought a hot tub and you are seeing a lot of mosquitoes around then check our guide to learn how to keep mosquitoes away from your hot tub.

Avoid Scents

As mentioned earlier. Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of personal care products. Your perfume, deodorant, or body lotion smell will attract mosquitoes. Especially floral scents. The solution to this is– just take a shower before you dip into the hot tub water.

Keep The Water Running

Mosquitoes don’t like moving water. The reason for that is because they can’t breed on moving water. They also can’t lay their eggs on moving water. So, always keep your jets running. Make sure to keep well-balanced pH levels.  They won’t land if they smell chlorine or bromine chemicals.

Don’t Eat Food in Your Hot Tub

If you eat food in your hot tub then you are inviting the mosquitoes to come around. It’s not recommended to eat inside the hot tub. That can also attract snakes, spiders, and different pests.

If you do eat then make sure to clean it after you are done. Except for the hot tub, you should also clean the surroundings of the hot tub.

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Use a Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is necessary. Not only for mosquitoes, but a hot tub cover protects your hot tub water from different things. Cover the whole hot tub when you are not using it, even if the hot tub is off.

If the hot tub water isn’t moving, then they can easily lay their eggs there, so a hot tub cover is necessary.

Use Essential Oils

Mosquitoes hate essential oils. If you drop some oils in your hot tub water then that will make them go away. Some of the oils you can use are lemongrass, peppermint, citronella, etc.

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Can Mosquitoes Lay Eggs in Chlorinated Water?

No. If you have a high level of chlorine in your hot tub then mosquitoes can’t lay eggs. A high level of chlorine kills all the microbes, including mosquito eggs.

But, if your chlorine levels are low, then a mosquito can lay eggs in your hot tub water.  That’s why it’s recommended to check your pH levels often.

The water that we drink has a concentration of chlorine of 0.2–0.5 mg/L. This level of chlorine isn’t enough to kill mosquito eggs. That’s why mosquitoes lay their eggs in leftover water. But, a pool or hot tub water should have a higher level of chlorine.

Another thing that you can do to prevent mosquitoes to breed in your water is to keep the water running. If the water is always moving then the mosquito won’t lay their eggs there.

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You 1-0 Mosquito

Now you know everything when it comes to preventing mosquitoes from getting into your hot tub. Stop doing the things that are attracting mosquitoes. And start doing the things to prevent mosquitoes from coming to your hot tub.

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