Does a Hot Tub Help With Sunburn?

No one likes to get sunburned. If you just got sunburned, you will be looking for ways to heal it faster. Most people recommend using a hot tub for sunburn. But, does a hot tub help with sunburn?

No, a hot tub doesn’t help you with a sunburn. The hot water of the hot tub and the water bacteria can make things worse for you. It’s best to avoid using it for a few days until your skin heals a bit. During that time use cooling moisturizer and cool water. 

So, when is the time to use the hot tub after a sunburn? And are there ways to speed up the healing process? Let’s see.

Why Shouldn’t You Use a Hot Tub While Sunburned?

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t use the hot tub while sunburned. Here are two main ones:

Hot Water Doesn’t Help You

Old people usually say that you should treat your sunburned skin with hot water. But, that’s not true. Hot water can make things worse for you. Just like any injury, sunburn takes time to heal.

While there are ways you can speed up that process, there are also ways you can make things worse. Dipping into hot water with sunburn can make the healing process longer. And, it will make the pain worse.

Hot Tubs can Dehydrate You

Sunburn can make you dehydrated. If you just got a sunburn, your body will draw more water into the burned area to heal it faster, and that can make you dehydrated.

If you use very hot water in your hot tub, then that can make you even more dehydrated. Hot water will make you sweat, and that will dehydrate you.  That’s why it’s recommended to drink as much water as possible while sunburned.

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How Long Before You Can Go in a Hot Tub After a Sunburn?

It is recommended to wait until your sunburn is fully healed before you use the hot tub again. Doctors recommend staying away from a hot tub because that can make things worse. 

So, how much time is that? It depends on your sunburn level.  If you got a mild sunburn it will take you up to 3-5 days to fully heal. If you got a moderate sunburn it will take you about a week to fully heal, and if you got severe sunburn then it will take you longer– most likely you will have to go to a hospital for that.

But, these are the normal numbers. You can do a few things to speed up the process. You can also do wrong things and slow down the process. One of the wrong things is using the hot tub. We recommend waiting a couple of days to fully heal and then you can use the hot tub.

Do Hot Tub Chemicals Help With Sunburn?

Chlorine or bromine can help you disinfect things. But, most of the time a sunburn doesn’t infect your skin. So, hot tub chemicals won’t help you in any way with a sunburn. 

Chlorine and bromine do a very good job of eliminating bacterias from the hot tub water. But, they are not 100% effective. If you don’t add the right ratio of chemicals in your hot tub water, that can decrease the efficiency rate.

Most people don’t add the right ratio of chemicals, which means most people are swimming with bacterias in their hot tub water. Swimming with bacteria with sunburn will do more harm than good, so it’s good to avoid that.

How to Heal Sunburn Faster

According to HealthLine, here are a few things you should do to heal a sunburn faster.

  • Drink more water
  • Get more sleep
  • Use Aloe Vera
  • Avoid exposing the skin to the sun
  • Try Cool baths, etc. 

These things won’t magically treat your sunburn in one day. But, they will help you speed up the process a little bit, and at the same time protect your skin and body from any damages. So, I recommend you do these things.

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Does Hot Tub Water Take the Heat Out of a Sunburn?

No, warm hot tub water will not take the heat out of a sunburn. The warm water will just strip the natural oils from your skin and that will add more pain to you. 

Plus, the warm water will increase the diameters of your blood vessels. That will make more blood circulate on that surface and that will increase the pain. Instead, use cool water.

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Final Words

We all love using the hot tub. But, you can wait a few days until you are fully healed. You can stay near the hot tub and chat with your family or friends that are using it.

To avoid this from happening again, make sure to use sunscreen.

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