Can a Hot Tub Sit on Pavers? (Explained!)

When buying a hot tub, you need to find where to place your hot tub. One of the options is pavers. So, can a hot tub sit on pavers?

Yes, a hot tub can sit on pavers. Pavers can hold the hot tub weight, they are durable and don’t cost a lot of money. Plus, they look good.

But, you have to know how thick the pavers should be, and much more. Down below we explained everything you need to know.

How Thick Should Pavers Be for a Hot Tub?

Pavers should be at least 2-inches thick to hold a hot tub. While thinner pavers can still hold the weight of a hot tub, they might crack if too many people get inside the hot tub. So, it’s recommended to get 2-inch thick (or more) pavers.

But, the pavers shouldn’t be the only thing holding your hot tub. Just like the hot tub, the pavers should have a solid base too. It’s recommended to have a concrete base under the pavers.

If you can’t have concrete under pavers, then you should have sand. But, the sand should be mixed with gravel. Sand alone won’t be able to hold the pavers in one place.

As you know, sand comes in tiny pieces that can easily shift/move. Once the sand moves, the pavers will move and make the hot tub base un-leveled. An un-leveled hot tub will lead to hot tub cracks.

To make the sand more durable, you have to mix it with gravel or concrete. Washed concrete sand is one of the best bases you can use for pavers. It’s durable, doesn’t move, and doesn’t trap moisture.

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How Much Weight Can Pavers Support?

It depends on the pavers type you choose. For example, concrete pavers can hold up to 8000 pounds per square foot. A hot tub only needs a base that can support 110 pounds per square foot. So, concrete pavers can easily hold a hot tub.

When choosing pavers for your hot tub base, you should go for concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are cheap, durable, and come in different colors. Also, they don’t need any maintenance, once you set them up, you are good to go.  Here are some types of pavers you can choose for your hot tub base:

  1. Concrete Pavers – Durable, cheap, and weatherproof. Concrete pavers can hold up to 8000 pounds per square foot.
  2. Cobblestone – These pavers are made of real stone. It’s harder to make them and it’s hard to level them.
  3. Bricks –  It’s durable but not as durable as a concrete paver. They can hold 8-12,000 pounds per square foot.
  4. Flagstone – Very durable and doesn’t absorb heat which is ideal for a hot tub. They can support up to 8,000 pounds per square foot. 

Why Should You Use Pavers as a Hot Tub Base?

Having a concrete slab as a hot tub base is great, but you will face a lot of problems over time. Having a deck as a hot tub base is great, but you need to make sure it can hold the hot tub weight. Pavers don’t have these problems, here are 3 reasons why you should use pavers as a hot tub base.

1. Pavers Are Durable

Pavers are made of high-density materials, such as concrete, marble, flagstone, etc. They can hold 10x more weight than concrete slabs can. Pavers are resistant to salt scaling, while concrete slabs are not. Pavers will hold up to decades, while deck bases won’t.

2. Easy Access

Except for the hot tub base, the hot tub also needs plumbing, electricity, etc. Most of the plumbing and electric cables are buried under the hot tub.

If you face any problems with these, you can easily take the concrete pavers off and fix the problem. Once you are done, you can replace the pavers. You can’t do this if you have a concrete base.

3. You Can Immediately Use Them

It costs less to make a paver hot tub base than a concrete base. Concrete and deck hot tub bases cost a lot of money. You can get a concrete pavers hot tub base for less than $100.

To make a concrete slab base ready you have to wait 28 days for the base to cure. You can’t use the concrete base/hot tub before 28 days have passed. With pavers, you can immediately place your hot tub on top and start using it. Also, pavers make your backyard look better.

Tip: If for some reason you can’t make a pavers base, then you can make a concrete slab base and place pavers around your hot tub.

Dos and Don’ts of Paver Installation for a Hot Tub

There are a few things you should do when laying pavers for a hot tub base, and some things you shouldn’t do.

1. Make Sure The Pavers Are Leveled

Just like any other hot tub base, pavers should be leveled. Having an un-leveled base will crack your hot tub shell. So, it’s an important thing to do.

While pavers are always flat, the base under pavers isn’t. If you use using sand and gravel under then you should level the surface before you place the pavers. Using a shovel try to level the surface, you can slide the shower across the surface so it gets rid of unnecessary sand.

Once the surface is flat then you can place the pavers. After you place the pavers you should check if the surface is flat. It’s important to fix this before you place your hot tub into the base. You don’t want to move the hot tub again just to fix a paver.

All this is done to equally distribute the weight of a hot tub.

2. Check The Hot Tub Dimensions

Different hot tubs come in different sizes. The large hot tub (6-8 persons) is approximately 90 square feet large. You have to know the exact dimensions of the hot tub so you can know how much pavers, sand, and gravel you need.

Except for the hot tub base, you need to leave a few inches of space from the 4 sides of the hot tub. The surrounding of the hot tub should be covered with pavers too. The reason behind this is so the splashing water doesn’t get to the grass. Plus, it looks better.

Check for electric lines, plumbing lines, and cell phone lines before you decide on the place. You should have a water source near the hot tub so you can re-fill the hot tub. You should be 5 feet away from electric outlets.

3. Don’t Use Plastic Under Pavers

Some people believe that having plastic under pavers will stop the grass to grow. That’s false. Plastic under pavers will just accumulate the water and cause different problems in the long run.

If you want to stop grass growth under pavers then you need to use polymeric sand, and not plastic.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pavers Hot Tub Base?

Concrete pavers cost $3-6 per square foot. A large hot tub requires a 100 square feet base. So, approximately it will cost you $60-100 to build a pavers hot tub base (including sand and gravel). 

The price also depends on the hot tub size. If the hot tub is smaller, then you need a smaller base. The concrete pavers will cost you approximately $30-60 to buy. You still have to install the pavers alone. If you want to hire someone to do it, then the concrete pavers will cost you $8-15 per square foot.

You still have to buy sand and gravel. Sand costs $5-30 per 1 ton, and gravel costs $2.00 per square foot. You need 1 ton of sand and 100 square feet of gravel.

Except for the money, you will also lose a few hours of your time. You need to decide on a place, get rid of the grass, and dig a hole. You can eventually hire someone to do this for you. But, that will raise the total amount of money you need for a pavers hot tub base.

Final Words

Pavers are one of the best bases you can use for your hot tub. They are strong, durable, don’t cost a lot of money and you can easily set them up.  Plus, it doesn’t need any extra maintenance. You just have to make sure the pavers are leveled and have a solid base under them.


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