How to Keep Frogs Out of the Hot Tub

You just dipped into your hot tub and saw a frog. If you are just like me, then you don’t want to share the hot tub with any creatures. Especially, frogs.

To keep the hot tub just for yourself you need to know how to keep frogs out of the hot tub. There are a few things you can do to prevent frogs from coming to your hot tub.

We will discuss all of them, and by the end of this post, you will know exactly what to do. Let’s check it out.

Do Hot Tubs Attract Frogs?

Frogs are beautiful creatures, and I love them. But, I don’t want to have a frog in my hot tub. So, this leads to the question– do hot tubs attract frogs?

Yes, some hot tubs attract frogs. Frogs are attracted to damp and cool places. And that’s exactly what a hot tub offers. They use the hot tub cover to hide from the sun and different predators. 

Notice that I said “some hot tubs”. Depending on the area you live, and where your hot tub is placed, you can or can’t attract frogs. Let’s learn more about this.

Why Are Frogs Attracted To My Hot Tub?

Before we dive into how to keep frogs away from your hot tub, you must know the reasons why they are there in the first place.

You must be wondering-- why are frogs attracted to my hot tub? The main reason frogs are attracted to your hot tub is because that's where they find food. Frog's favorite food is pests, and if you don't clean your hot tub often, you will have a lot of pests around. The more pests you have around the more frogs you will have.

Your Hot Tub Maintenance

You have to clean the hot tub a lot. While your hot tub maintenance doesn’t directly bring frogs into your water, it can indirectly attract them. If you don’t clean your hot tub often, then that can attract insects and bugs.

Frogs love insects and bugs. If your hot tub has them, then that can attract frogs.

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Hot Tub Lights

Hot tub lights don’t attract frogs. But, again they attract bugs and insects. And that will attract frogs. If you use your hot tub at night, then make sure to turn off the lights. You will minimize the chances of frogs showing up, and you will save some money at the same time.

Hot Tub Cover

Frogs don’t like the sun, and they are scared of most creatures. They love damp and dark places, and that’s exactly what a hot tub cover can offer. They will use the hot tub cover to hide from the sun and other creatures. Plus, most of the hot tub covers have water on them, and that can attract the frogs.

Other Things

There are a lot of other reasons why you keep finding frogs in your hot tub. You keep flowers near the hot tub, you have a lake near your house, etc. The possibilities are endless. So, let’s see how you can keep them away from your hot tub.

How to Keep Frogs Out of the Hot Tub

Now that we learned why are frogs attracted to your hot tub. Let’s see how you can keep them away from your hot tub.

The best way you can keep frogs away from your hot tub is to use chemicals and clean your hot tub. If you have a clean hot tub, no pests will be around. If there are no pests then frogs won't stick around. Plus, the hot tub's chemical smell will scare frogs away.

Use a Custom Hot Tub Cover

Order a custom hot tub cover. The cover will be made specially for your hot tub. That means it will fit your hot tub without leaving any gaps. Most of the frogs use those gaps to get into your water.

The hot tub cover also keeps other pests away from your hot tub. If the frogs don’t have a gap to get into your water and don’t get food (from eating the pests) then they will go away.

Keep It Hot!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Frogs use their skin to absorb oxygen. Cold water has more dissolved oxygen than hot water. Keeping a higher water temperature will scare most of the frogs away.

Use Chemicals

You have to use hot tub chemicals for a lot of reasons. First, if you use the correct hot tub chemicals then your hot tub will be clean. A clean hot tub doesn’t attract pests, and that will keep the frogs away.

Second, the chemicals keep the frogs away. As mentioned before, frogs use their skin to breathe, which means they are very sensitive to toxic chemicals. Once the frogs notice the toxic chemicals that will scare them off.

Trim Your Backyard

If you don’t want frogs in your hot tub, then you should trim your backyard. I tried this and it was very effective. I trimmed away all my vegetation, removed sticks, and other things that may attract pests and frogs. This includes grass too.

The best way to get rid of frogs in your backyard is to trim the grass, and everything else. This way you can find frog hiding spots and close them.

I trimmed everything in a 10-meter radius and kept it clean. This helped me find hidden spots of frogs and close them. Within a week I saw great results.  Except for frogs, this helped me get rid of other pests that were disturbing me.

Use a Fence

If you want to “literally” keep frogs away then you can build a fence or a shelter for your hot tub. If you do build a fence, make sure to build the right one. Having a fence with holes won’t keep animals/frogs away from your hot tub.

Fences with iron bars or chain links won’t help you. You need to build a wood or vinyl fence. Plus, you need to make it tall. Frogs can jump up to 2 times their height. So, a short fence won’t keep them away.

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Spray a Mixture of Saltwater

If you tried all the above methods, and it didn’t work, then here’s a method that can work. I tried this and it worked for me. Take some salt water, put it in a bottle, and spray the top sides of the hot tub. This will not harm the frogs, and it will keep them away. But, you must have a clean hot tub, and not have pests around.

If you don’t have salt water, then you can use coffee or lime. But, I found that salt water is the most effective one.

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Create a Distraction

If frogs love your backyard, and you can’t keep them away, then just keep them. Create a small space, somewhere away from your hot tub, that has everything a frog wants.

Another good way to keep frogs as far as possible from your hot tub is to create a dictation.

Have flowers, wet spaces, shelters, and everything else that attracts frogs and other pests. If a frog has everything they want just a few meters away, why would they stay in your hot tub? Create a distraction, and enjoy your hot tub experience alone.

Why Don’t You Want Frogs in Your Hot Tub?

Frogs are beautiful creatures and they actually do more good than harm. If you don’t already know, frogs help you to keep pests away from your hot tub water. So, why would you want them away? Here are the two main reasons:

They Lay Eggs in Your Hot Tub Water

Frogs reproduce by laying eggs. But, they don’t lay eggs just anywhere, frogs lay eggs in a wet place. Unlike bird eggs, frog eggs can’t survive in a dry or open ambient because they will dry out, and the eggs will die.

Depending on the type, a mature female frog can lay up to 50,000 eggs in a hot tub. Imagine taking a bath where there are 50,000 frog eggs. Gross.

The frog eggs look like jelly. If you do find frog eggs in your hot tub, then you can use a skimmer to manually get rid of them. Place them in a wet area such as a pond, and clean your hot tub.

They Can Die From The Hot Tub Water

There are two ways frogs can die in your hot tub water. First, once they get into the water, they don’t know how to get out of the water.  They will just jump around until they are tired and drown. You can have stairs or something to help them get out– but they won’t use it because they don’t know how.

The warm hot tub water can also kill them– they won’t be able to breathe as much and get tired easier and just drown. No one wants that. You can buy a frog log to help them escape. But, I haven’t tried it personally.

Having a frog body floating in your hot tub would be sad, and at the same time gross. So, just use the tips I gave you, and keep them as far away from your hot tub as possible.

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What to Do if You Get Frog Eggs in Your Hot Tub Water?

What if you discovered this article a bit too late, and now you have eggs in your hot tub water? What should you do?

  • Use a skimmer to manually remove them
  • Place the eggs into a wet place.
  • Drain your hot tub
  • Clean your hot tub shell
  • Re-fill your hot tub
  • Add the needed chemicals (bromine or chlorine)
  • Enjoy Your Egg-Free Hot Tub! 

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Final Words

This is all you need to know about how to keep frogs out of the hot tub. With that in mind, there is a possibility that some frogs will ignore all those things and still find a way into your hot tub water.

Frogs aren’t dangerous, and won’t do any harm to you or your hot tub. So, if you find them in your water, you can use a skimmer and just place them somewhere away from the hot tub.

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