Do Hot Tubs Attract Flies / Bugs (& How to Get Rid of Them)?

It’s evening time, the weather is cool and you are sitting in your hot tub enjoying a warm and relaxing dip. Buzz! Buzz! Here come the flies to disturb you. Tiny annoying creatures. Why are they even there? do hot tubs attract bugs or flies?  Here is what I found out:

Hot tubs with people in them do attract flies due to different factors. Flies by nature are generally attracted to moisture and different scents that they pick up. Both of which are present in your hot tub.

The flies are attracted to the water in your hot tub, the sweat from your body, the oils and the lotions on your body and hair, the light from your tub, and so on.  Just as the hot tub is inviting to people who want to come around and relax, it can do the same for flies, only differently.

How can you keep flies out? What should you put around your tub to keep flies out? What other insects are attracted to your hot tub? There is more to know about hot tubs and flies. Let’s get to it.

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Do Hot Tubs Attract Flies?

The simple answer yes, they are attracted from food, water, and shelter. You may not know this but house flies also want what our hot tub gives us. Flies want the water, the sweat on your body, the food in your hand, and the warmth provided by the tub.

So it’s a kind of competition between you and the flies. House flies have a keen sense of smell. This makes it possible for them to detect sources of food and water that is around them.

Many of us eat snacks and fruits in and around the hot tub. While the act on its own is not so beneficial to our bodies while in water, the aroma from these snacks and fruits attract flies that also want to eat.

Why Are Flies Attracted To my Hot Tub?

Flies Are Attracted To Moisture

Also, flies are attracted to moisture. Just like all other living entities, flies also drink water. The basic difference is they can’t tell which type of water it is. For flies to tell if food or water is safe, they have to taste it. They don’t know if the water is a pond, lake, pool, or if at all it is safe for their consumption.

This is why you often find dead flies in and around your hot tub if you leave it open. They drink the water and die from it because the water had been treated.

Flies Lay Eggs in The Hot Tub

Asides from drinking the water in your tub flies also lay eggs in the tub – gross. The warm temperature of the water and the fact that the water is stagnant when not in use makes your hot tub a perfect breeding room for flies and bugs.

Will the eggs survive? Not quite but the flies don’t know that so they keep laying mating and laying eggs in and around your tub. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to dip my body in fly-infested water.

Flies Are Attracted To Your Hot Tub Lights

Just like bugs, flies are also attracted to light. House flies are mainly active during the day. At night, they rest in different locations like trees, shrubs, and the likes.

Your hot tub located in the yard is most likely situated near flies and other insects. When the lights from your tub come on, the flies are attracted to the bright lights.

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Do Hot Tubs Attract Bugs?

Yes, hot tubs attract bugs, flies, and other insects. These insects are attracted to the light, water, scent, and warmth that your hot tub provides. Though bugs don’t have a nose, they can detect different scents in the air with their antennae.

Do hot tubs attract bugs? Yes, they do.

So the oils, lotions, food, and drinks that spill in your hot tub serve as a homing signal to bugs.  Just as every other animal or living entity, bugs are driven by their innate desire to eat, drink, mate, breed, and sleep. Your hot tub provides a platform to carry out all these activities.

Ever wondered why you see more wasps and other flying insects during the summer? This is because the warm temperatures in the summer serve as a perfect breeding condition for insects.

You probably take a dip in the hot tub in the evening when the weather is cool. The hot tub during this time is a source of heat and warmth that bugs also want. This is why you see bugs and other insects around your hot tub at night.

To you, when you think of the hot tub, you think of relaxation, warmth, and comfort. To the bugs, it means mating and breeding time.

The bugs are also attracted to the light around your tub. You must have noticed how flying insects hover around your light bulbs in the night.

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Why Are Bugs Attracted to My Hot Tub?

There are many theories behind this action of insects. One if it includes the fact that lights serve as a guide for them and sometimes keep them warm just as the fireplace does for you. Many of us take hot tub baths in the evening when it is getting dark.

During this time, your hot tub might be the major source of light in your yard and since bugs are attracted to light, it is only normal for you to get some uninvited guests.

Another reason why your hot tub attracts bugs is because of what you do in the tub. The food you eat, your drink, and snacks you bring around the tub also attract bugs.

Bugs can eat what we eat. This is why you see them hovering over your garbage and refuse. The crumbs that drop from what you eat and the drinks that spill on the ground around your hot tub invite bugs. It’s almost like you are telling them it’s time to eat. So why would they decline such an invitation?

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How Do I Get Rid of Flies in My Hot Tub?

If you already have flies and bugs disturbing you in the hot tub, getting rid of them will be the first thing on your mind and there are ways to go about that.

If you are sitting in your hot tub and wondering do hot tubs attract bugs, then you are making the right questions. The hot tub does attract bugs. But, don't worry. You can keep them out by doing some simple tricks that we will teach you.

1. Install a Fly Net Around and Over Your Tub

This is without a doubt one of the best ways to control flies and other bugs from coming around your hot tub. A fly net is similar to a mosquito net.

It’s a thin sheet of fringe designed to keep insects out of a designated area. The net has tiny holes that make it impossible for flies and bugs to get in your hot tub space. The fly net would be installed around and above your hot tub space.

The net is nailed and wrapped around poles that are installed a few inches from one another.  It’s like having a fenced house around your hot tub that keeps out unwanted flying guests.

The best part of this method is you can decide how large your hot tub space can be. You can set the fence a few inches or a few feet from your hot tub.

The bigger the net fence, the larger the space you have without having to worry about pesky insects. The downside to this method is that it might be a bit expensive to install. Not to worry, there are other pocket-friendly methods to consider.

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2. Sticky Flypaper

To control flies, you can’t go wrong with good old sticky flypaper or tapes. Simply place some sticky papers on the edges of your hot tub or around the tub.

The sticky papers are sometimes coated with the scent of fruits and other kinds of stuff that flies and bugs love. When they sense the odor of the sticky paper, they are drawn to it.

The surprise for the flies is that instead of food, they get stuck on paper. As an added advantage, you can get a set of sticky paper for as low as $4.

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3. Get Rid of the Refuse

House flies and bugs are attracted to decaying organic matter in your refuse. When you pile up refuse around your home, you are inviting not just houseflies but rodents and other pests for an all you can eat party. The best way to keep flies away from your hot tub is to keep the area clean and refuse-free.

4. Scoop Dead Flies Out of the Tub

Flies are attracted to the water in your hot tub. The water is regularly treated with chemicals like chlorine. When the flies drink part of that water, they die and float on the surface of the water.

This makes it easy to scoop dead flies out of the water with a net or something similar.

5. Keep the Hot Tub Cover on

Hot tub covers have cool benefits. One of which helps to keep out flies, bugs, and mosquitoes. When you are not using the tub, ensure to keep it covered. A covered hot tub will not attract flies and bugs.

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How to Keep Flies Away From My Hot Tub?

A superb way of controlling flies and bugs is to keep them away in the first place. So how do you keep flies and bugs away?

1. Add Hot Tub Oils to the Water in Your Tub

Flies and bugs hate the scent of hot tub oils. Hot tub fragrances like Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemongrass contain essential oils that are said to be toxic to certain bugs and flies.

Using products like scented candles, hot tub oils, and the likes will keep flies and bugs away while leaving you with a pleasant aroma around the tub.

2. Put Plants Around Your Hot Tub Space

Mother Nature has equipped us with defensive mechanisms against house flies. There are house and garden plants that you can put around your hot tub and in your home to get rid of house flies.

These plants release scents that get rid of houseflies and bugs. You can also hang the plants if you have a shade covering the hot tub. In addition to getting rid of flies, these plants will improve the look around your hot tub.

If you are opting for this, you can get either the Marigold plant, the Basil plant, or the Mint plant. Any of these will do a terrific job.

3. Keep the Hot Tub Running

Flies and bugs like stagnant water. If the water in your tub is constantly moving, then flies wouldn’t be able to land on it, drink from it, or even breed in it.

So keeps the hot tub running when in use and when not in use. Contrary to popular beliefs, leaving your hot tub on does not damage the hot tub. It’s also a great way to save.

How Do I Keep Bugs Out of My Hot Tub?

I explained how to keep flies away from your hot tub, but what about bugs? Can you keep bugs away from your hot tub? Let’s see.

Use Bug Traps

You can use bug traps to keep the bugs away from your hot tub. Basically, these traps catch the bugs before they come in contact with your hot tub. Bug traps are very effective because they attract the bugs with a smell they love and then catch them.  You can find bug traps almost everywhere.

Use Scents

Bugs traps attract bugs with a smell they love, but can you keep them away with a smell they hate? Absolutely. Bugs hate the smell of lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, etc. If bugs smell any of these then they will go away. You can use a candle that has these smells.

Use Plants

If using scents doesn’t work, then you can use plants. There are some types of plants that will help you keep bugs away. Just plant the plants near the hot tub and you are good to go. Here are the plants you should use:

  1. Citronella
  2. Petunias
  3. Lavender

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions about hot tubs, let me know by leaving the question below and I’ll answer the question as soon as possible.

I might even write on it too, you never know. Enjoy your hot tub and have a nice day

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