Coleman SaluSpa Setup And Lazy Spa E02 Error Code Complete Guide In 2020

Hello and first of all, we congratulate you on the purchase of your new Coleman Lazy Spa. Over the next few minutes, you will Know everything about Coleman SaluSpa Setup in our 7 steps comprehensive setup guide.

Coleman SaluSpa Setup Instructions

Here in this setup guide, I have laid out the Coleman SaluSpa Set up instructions in easy to follow 7 steps.

Setup Location

The first and the most important step for setting up your Coleman Saluspa Setup is finding the best location. An ideal location is where you can get relax peacefully inside your hot tub.

  • The Location Surface Must Be Smooth And Plain.
  • Be Sure There are no thorns or any sharp objects exist on the surface before placing your Coleman Lazy Spa.
  • The surface should be solid so it can bear the weight of a water-filled hot tub including 4-6 persons.

Once you found the best location clean the area and spread the ground cloth of Coleman Inflatable hot tub.


Take Coleman Lay Z Spa out from its package and spread it on the center of the ground cloth.

Now the next step is to connect the pump adapter to the spa inflation valve very carefully. Plug-in the pump and start filling the air in the hot tub.

“Warning: Please read carefully Coleman SaluSpa Manual to determine the steps required to power up the pump.”

Attach the pressure gauge to the inflation hose and make sure the innerspring wall of the spa is closed. If the valve is opened rotate and twist the valve to close it.

Now it’s time to press the lazy massage button on the pump to inflate Coleman’s lazy spa.

Pay attention to the control panel that features an auto-lock button. Press 3 seconds for the button to release the air pressure.

When the pressure gauge reads above 1.2 it means the spa has fully inflated. Now Seal the inflation valve of spa. That’s it.

One more thing is that you also have to inflate Coleman SlauSpa cover with the same pump for covering the inflatable hot tub.

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Pump Connection

Before connecting the pump to the spa make sure all the seals are in place. Attach the pump valve A to spa valve A and B to B and C to C and tight the adapters with your hands.

Adding Filter Casing

For filter casing in Coleman SaluSpa insert the water filter into the casing and screw on to the bottom outlet valve. You can find the bottom outlet valve near the bottom interior of the Lay-z-Spa.

Attach the second filter casing in the same way.

Water Filling

Fill the Coleman Slauspa with the garden hose and please pay attention to the hot tub floor draining valve to make sure it is closed. Fill the spa with water to the minimum or below the maximum line specified on the Saluspa wall.

Water Heating

Once you fill the water its time to heat it to set the desired water temperature.

To do so hold the Auto-lock button for 3 seconds and then press the heat button which is on the digital control panel of Coleman Saluspa. Use the arrow keys to regulate the water temperature.

There are 4 buttons you will find on the control panel.

Here are the details and functionality of the different buttons:

  • Heat Button: This button activates the heater for water heating.
  • Lazy Massage Button: The lazy massage button of Coleman Saluspa activates the lazy massage system of Lazy Spa which comes with 30 minutes auto-shutoff feature.
  • Filtration Button: This button activates the water filtration system of Coleman lazy spa.
  • Toggle Button: this button help to change the temperature between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Attention: Please note that after 72 hours the pump deactivates the heating and filtration system. For reactivation press, the auto-lock button to unlocks the control panel and set the desired temperature again.”

Chemical Floater

The Coleman Lay-Z-Spa comes with a chemical floater that maintains the water PH level and makes the water stays cleaner.

Properly sanitized water keeps the unit’s durability and makes it running last longer.

You can add more water chemicals to your Coleman Lazyspa and test the water chemical balance by chemical test strips.

You should also clean the filter cartridges on a regular basis to keep your inflatable hot tub water clean.
Coleman SaluSpa Setup

How to Drain Coleman Saluspa

To drain Coleman Lay-Z-spa or know how to drain Coleman SalusSpa follow these steps:

  • Attach the stopper caps to heater hose to preventing water escaping.
  • Unscrew and disconnect the pump to the spa.
  • Attach your garden hose to the lazy spa’s drain valve.
  • Open the drain valve for water escaping.
  • Clean and dry your hot tub with a cotton cloth.
  • Pack in the provided carry bag.

Coleman SaluSpa Error Codes | Lazy Spa E02 | Lay-Z-Spa Error Codes

You might get the Lazy Spa E02 error code on the Coleman Slauspa. We will discuss further what E02 Error code means and How To Fix Lazy Spa Error Code E02?

So, Let’s Get Into It:

Lazy Spa E02

If you are curious about what is Lazy Spa E02 and how to fix Lazy Spa Error Code E02? Here is your answer This is an error code which displays on the control panel of Lay z Spa due to lay z spa pump problems.

Here are some common Reasons Why Lazy Spa E02 And Lazy Spa E08 occur:

  • Filters Are Dirty
  • Debris Screens Are Blocked
  • Incorrect Water Level
  • Water Flow Sensors Are Not Working
  • Damaged Washer
  • Poor Water Flow Through Filter Housing
  • Lay Z Spa Pump Problems

lazy spa error codes

You might see few other error codes on your Coleman Lazy Spa control panel like lazy spa E08, lazy spa E03, And lazy spa E02.

You can troubleshoot all the error codes by pressing the lay z spa thermal reset button which you will find at the side of the lazy spa heater.

For More Information How to Trouble Shoot And What are The Reasons behind the error codes shown, we are providing a pdf guide about the Coleman Spa Troubleshooting error code.

Inside the guide you’ll find actionable tips for troubleshooting the error codes.

Lay Z Spa E02 Code Troubleshooting

Wrapping Up

Having an Inflatable Hot Tub is a very easy way to pamper yourself in warm water. And Coleman SlauSpa Setup never lets you down when it comes to having a luxurious spa feel.

So, you have got to know about the Coleman SaluSpa setup process and also troubleshooting the potential error codes.

Last Words

If you still have concerns, questions, or doubts about any of these Coleman SaluSpa Setup and Lazy Spa E02 error code. Please do feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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