Can You Put a Hot Tub on Grass? (Explained)

You might be asking– can you put a hot tub on grass? I know how cozy the grass can be but through my experience, this is what I found out about hot tubs and placing them on the grass:

You should not put your hot tub on the grass either for use temporarily or permanently. This is because your hot tub weighs a lot. If you place your hot tub on grass, the treated water when drained or splashed can kill the grass.

Also, the weight will be too much for the grass to support. The hot tub will begin to sink into the ground after a while leading to an unbalanced hot tub.

A sunken hot tub will lead to discomfort while bathing and will cause damages to different parts of the hot tub. Eventually, some of the working parts of the hot tub will start to malfunction.

Do Hot Tubs Ruin Grass?

Yes, the hot tub water contains chlorine or bromine that can ruin the grass. But, if you have the right levels of chemicals then your grass will be fine. 

While taking a bath in your hot tub, the water can splash on your grass. Depending on how much chemicals the water has, and the amount of water that was splashed then it can ruin your grass.

Chlorine or bromine are both deadly for grass. They are sanitizers that remove any bacteria from water, including grass. They will de-hydrate the grass and dry it out. Sometimes, it can also prevent the grass from growing out again.  That’s why it’s recommended to place pieces of fake turf, or a base around the hot tub to protect the grass.

Having the right levels of pH can however help you protect the grass. Always make sure to have a pH level between 7.2-7.5. Also, if you are thinking of draining the hot tub water into the grass then that’s a big no-no (unless you are sure the hot tub water doesn’t have any chemicals in it).

Can You Put an Inflatable Hot Tub on Grass?

So, can you put a hot tub in artificial grass? No, you can't.

Inflatable hot tubs are a smaller (and lighter) version of a normal hot tub. So, can you put inflatable hot tubs on grass?

Yes, you can put an inflatable hot tub on the grass. But, only if it’s temporary. It’s not recommended to place an inflatable hot tub on grass for more than 2 days. 

If you are renting an inflatable hot tub for the weekend, then it’s fine, you can place it on grass. You just need to make sure that the grass is: leveled, doesn’t have any rocks or something sharp, and make sure to water the grass before placing the inflatable hot tub there.

Grass needs sun to grow, if you place an inflatable hot tub on grass for more than 2 days then it will block the grass from the sun. That can lead to yellow grass and it would take months to get it back.

You don’t even want to get me started on the activities of insects that may be in your grass which can also damage the inflated hot tub in the long run. On the other end, the chemically treated water can also kill the grass.

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Can You Put a Hot Tub on Artificial Grass?

Yes, as long as the artificial grass is placed on top of a concrete base, or on a flat surface then you can put a hot tub on artificial grass. 

Using artificial grass for your hot tub has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you don’t have to maintain it. You don’t have to cut the grass every few weeks, and the artificial grass gives the hot tub a good look.

But, if you are using the hot tub on hot days then there could be some problems with your fake grass. The artificial grass, especially the nylon type, gets hot faster than normal grass. It can also wear out the perimeter after a while, and the color of the fake grass can varnish over time.

Also, the water that gets splashed from the hot tub, or that leaks will stay on top of the turf. That means there will be water on top of your turf for a long period of time (until the water evaporates). That water can lead to mosquitoes or rot your hot tub frame.

Can You Put a Hot Tub on Bare Ground?

It is never a good idea to put equipment that is intended for use on the bare ground. You will be risking a lot with it.

If you are wondering if can you put a hot tub in the ground then you are in the right place. Just like grass, you can't put a hot tub in the ground without some reinforcements. Using concrete as a base would be the perfect solution.

You shouldn’t put your hot tub on the ground. The normal ground or soil is not suitable for your hot tub. While the ground can and will support the hot tub initially, the tub will begin to sink into the ground after a while if it is placed there permanently due to the weight of the tub.

It is just the same issue with placing your hot tub on the grass. This is not to say that the ground cannot support the weight of the hot tub. Sure it can, but it needs to be reinforced to do so and you also need to take into consideration the scope or topography of the ground.

You may think of skyscrapers, enormous buildings, and mechanical plants that are placed on the ground and you feel if the ground is strong enough to support such buildings, it should be able to bear the weight of your hot tub too.

That is not entirely the case. For large buildings and objects to be placed on the ground, the ground is always reinforced with concrete, steel, and or tar.

This is the same case for your hot tub. The ground needs to be reinforced. The reinforcement could come in the form of concrete, hot tub pads, gravel, crushed stone, and the likes. So how should you reinforce the ground for a hot tub?

What is the Best Base for a Hot Tub?

A small-sized hot tub can accommodate two to three people and it weighs about 500 pounds. When you add water into the hot tub and the bathers get in it, the weight will be around 3500 pounds and that is for the small size.

When you consider the larger 6-person models, you are looking at well over 5000 pounds in weight when it is in use. Give or take a few pounds.

That will be too much for an ordinary surface to support and after some time, the hot tub will begin to sink into the ground. That’s why you need a base for the hot tub, here are the bases we recommend when you are doing hot tub installation:


If you already have a terrace then you probably have patio stone. The patio is a very good base for hot tubs. It’s strong enough to hold the hot tub, and it’s leveled.

But, if the patio is only laid on sand then it’s not good enough. A patio that doesn’t have a good foundation can easily break, and will easily move. And, that’s not good for a hot tub. The hot tub should be laid on solid and leveled ground.

The patio should have a strong foundation. Also, the pavers stones or the patio pavers should be thick and leveled. So, make sure to check the base of the patio before placing the hot tub there.

Gravel/Crushing Stones

Gravel or crushing stones are also a very good option for a hot tub base. The gravel doesn’t cost as much as concrete, it comes in different sizes, and it’s a solid base.

Plus, you can easily drain water through gravel.

Pre-Made Base

If you don’t have the time to dig and make a base, then you can go and buy a pre-made base. These bases are specially made for hot tubs.

That means that they can hold different weights of hot tubs, and you don’t have to worry about anything else except enjoying the hot tub.

It’s temperature resistant, and you don’t have to maintain it. You can also use this pre-made on top of the base you made to protect the concrete, wood, or pavers.


A deck is usually placed in your backyard above the ground. If the deck is built correctly, and it’s built only a few feet above the ground then it can hold up to 100 lbs per square foot.

But, that’s only if the deck is built correctly. If you are not sure, then you can hire an engineer or someone with experience to build you one.

If you want to build a deck higher than a few feet then things can get complicated. Here’s an article I wrote about — can deck support a hot tub?


Concrete is the best base for a hot tub. But, it’s expensive and it takes a lot of time to make it ready. If you have already a patio in your backyard then adding concrete is a good idea.

If you have to build a concrete base, then you need to remove the grass, dig down a hole, add crushed gravel/stones as a base, and then add concrete. You will also have to wait for the concrete to dry before you can place a hot tub.

Here’s an article I wrote about using concrete as a base for your hot tub.

How To Prepare the Ground for a Hot Tub?

To place your hot tub on the ground, you need to prep the ground.  While prepping the ground for your hot tub base, you need to make sure:

  • It is level
  • It is strong enough to support the weight of the tub long term
  • The finished ground or foundation doesn’t look odd in your garden or yard. This is more important if you take home décor seriously.

So how do you prep the ground for your hot tub?

Step 1: Pick Out a Site for the Hot Tub Placement

When picking out a site for your tub, you should not just consider the space. You need to consider the convenience, the proximity to a power and water source, and the method of drainage.

If the site doesn’t guarantee good drainage, then it could become muddy and waterlogged. You also don’t want to place your tub in a space that would be inconvenient to access.

Step 2: Inspect the Site

Make sure the site is plain and level enough. You might need to use equipment or consult help for this. Don’t just use the mere appearance. That could be deceiving.

Also, you need to ensure the site doesn’t block any utility coming into your home like the sewer and water pipes. So you wouldn’t damage any pipeline while digging the ground. That will lead to another issue that you did not plan for.

Step 3: Dig the Ground

It is always advised to dig 4-6 inches into the soil around the intended space. This will enable the base or foundation to sit firmly into the soil.

Step 4: Level the Ground

This is a very crucial process. Leveling the ground involves removing the tree roots, plants, stones, edges, and bumps in the ground. The process ensures you have a ground smooth enough for a hot tub when you are done.

Step 5: Pour Sand Reinforced With Gravel Into the Dug Area

The sand you pour into the dug area should fill the area to about 2-3 inches. It is this reinforced sand that the concrete slab will sit on. Even if you are not planning on a concrete slab, it is still a good idea to strengthen the ground before applying the base.

Step 6: Apply the Base or Foundation

Whichever base you decide to go for, be it a concrete slab or any other, you should ensure the slab extends a few inches around the hot tub base. This way, you are assured of maximum strength and durability.

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